The Viking Feast - $70 Per Person Set Menu
The Viking Feast - $70 Per Person Set Menu

The Viking Feast - $70 Per Person Set Menu

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This is no ordinary meal kit – This is the Mjølner Viking Feast experience. Your confirmation email will include a short movie about Mjølner introducing you to where it all began and the recipes hail from. We’ll include links to Mjølner’s epic venue play list to get the ambience pumping in your kitchen and a short video of our signature Norse Toast 'Skål' for the night of your experience. 

 To make this even more memorable – you are able to purchase our custom drinking Horns, Highland Park Whisky Collaboration, Skål glasses, Whisky Glasses, Carving knives and more to go along with your feast – all delivered together. You can even buy an epic Nip of Highland Park 12yr Old to recreate our signature Whisky Bone Luge at home!

Orders are available in multiples of 2 for up to 10 guests

**Please note Minikin Pumpkin is a vegetarian alternative and will only be included upon request. Bone Marrow is not included in the set menu and can be ordered in addition.